Liver Transplant Surgery in India – A Successful and Permanent Cure For Liver Failure

07 Dec 2018

The liver helps in digestion and the production of the vital hormone, nutrients, and enzymes for the body. It is life-threatening if it fails and the only cure is to transplant. Thousands of patients are cured with Liver Transplant Surgery in India. The figure is gradually rising with the impressive success rate of the surgeries.

Success Rate of Liver Transplant

The rate of success of Liver Transplantation in India i...

The Success Rate of Kidney Transplantation Surgery in India

21 Nov 2018

Kidney Transplant in India is the ultimate cure for Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and kidney failure. When the organ stops functioning, there are only two options dialysis and transplantation. Kidney Transplantation in India can bring the patient back to the normal life permanently, and it is the best way to get rid of the CKD. It is so because the success rate of Kidney Transplantation Surgery in India is also high.



Bitter Truth About Cadaveric Liver Transplant in India

31 Jul 2018

The slow rate of cadaveric liver transplant in India has stretched the waiting time for an organ transplant to the level where it becomes very difficult for the patients to survive. Presently, six months is the minimum waiting time for a liver but the wait could be longer due to unavailability of donors.

According to theOrgan Retrieval Banking Organization, India needs 15-20 thousand livers for transplantation every year but only 500 are managed from cadaveric d...

Liver Transplants in India

01 Jun 2017

With an acclaim to transplantation of parts like heart, kidney and other organs, Liver Transplantation in India is also gaining popularity to save lives. Liver is transplanted when it ceases to function well due to problems such as liver cirrhosis, hemochromatosis, early stage liver cancer, alcoholic liver and biliary du...

Best Nephrology Treatment in India

01 Jun 2017

The Department of Nephrology provides utmost care across the broad range of kidney diseases. The transplant facilities are brought into practice to provide quality care and successful results even in the case of ABO incompatible transplants. We have a team of experienced doctors which is known for their best clinical skills and treats patients of all categories from chilen to adults. Our team of specialists, nephrologists, urologists has the technical expertise required to cope up with the...

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