Bitter Truth About Cadaveric Liver Transplant in India

31 Jul 2018

The slow rate of cadaveric liver transplant in India has stretched the waiting time for an organ transplant to the level where it becomes very difficult for the patients to survive. Presently, six months is the minimum waiting time for a liver but the wait could be longer due to unavailability of donors.

According to theOrgan Retrieval Banking Organization, India needs 15-20 thousand livers for transplantation every year but only 500 are managed from cadaveric d...

Liver Transplant in India Delhi

28 Mar 2017

There are numerous Liver Transplantation pioneers in India who have successfully transplanted livers for thousands of patients across the country. There are maven surgeons in the country who have thousands of successful liver transplants under their belts. There are many expert surgeons who did liver transplant surgeries with 95% success rate. Coming to what is liver transplant, Liver transplant is a type of surgery to remove a diseased liver and replace it wit...

Liver Transplant in India

16 Jan 2017

Liver diseases have become a serious note of concern for the doctors today. Liver is an important organ of a human body. The dangerous, lethal diseases are fast growing among the common man, while considering the cost of the treatment. The disease has been calculated as among the top 20 causes of death in India, taking the 9th spot surveyed by the WHO data published in 2011. According to the experts, lack of awareness is the reason behind such swift rise in liv...

Liver Transplants in India

01 Jun 2017

With an acclaim to transplantation of parts like heart, kidney and other organs, Liver Transplantation in India is also gaining popularity to save lives. Liver is transplanted when it ceases to function well due to problems such as liver cirrhosis, hemochromatosis, early stage liver cancer, alcoholic liver and biliary du...

Best Nephrology Treatment in India

01 Jun 2017

The Department of Nephrology provides utmost care across the broad range of kidney diseases. The transplant facilities are brought into practice to provide quality care and successful results even in the case of ABO incompatible transplants. We have a team of experienced doctors which is known for their best clinical skills and treats patients of all categories from chilen to adults. Our team of specialists, nephrologists, urologists has the...

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