• Dec 07, 2018

Liver Transplant Surgery in India – A Successful and Permanent Cure For Liver Failure

The liver helps in digestion and the production of the vital hormone, nutrients, and enzymes for the body. It is life-threatening if it fails and the only cure is to transplant. Thousands of patients are cured with Liver Transplant Surgery in India. The figure is gradually rising with the impressive success rate of the surgeries.

Success Rate of Liver Transplant

The rate of success of Liver Transplantation in India is saving millions of people around the world from such a fatal disease. According to the experts, the risk of life during the surgery is just about 5 to 10 percent with complications. About 90 percent of patients survive one year after the Liver Transplant in India.   

How is it done?

The transplantation is challenging because unlike kidney there is only one liver in the body. But, the organ has the miraculous power to regenerate, and this is only organ to have this potential. So, the whole liver is transplanted from a deceased body whose brain is dead but the heart is beating, and a portion is organ is transplanted from a live donor. Then, it regenerates in the bodies of both of them.

Cost of Liver Transplantation in India

Cost of Liver Transplant in India includes initial tests, surgery, medication charges, surgeon’s fees, hospital charges and many more. The average cost of only transplantation is INR 12–20 lakhs rupees, and it may cost up to INR 36 lakhs in some deluxe or super multi-specialty hospital. This cost of Liver Transplantation in India is significantly lower than the cost in countries like USA, Singapore, and the UK.

Higher success rate and affordable cost attract a lot of people from the globe. For the same reasons, India is the preferred destination for medical tourism.