• Jun 01, 2017

Liver Transplants in India- Transplant Counsellor

With an acclaim to transplantation of parts like heart, kidney and other organs, Liver Transplantation in India is also gaining popularity to save lives. Liver is transplanted when it ceases to function well due to problems such as liver cirrhosis, hemochromatosis, early stage liver cancer, alcoholic liver and biliary duct atresia.


There are numerous tests that are done before the doctors commit to conduct liver transplant. Tests like blood and urine test, ultrasound of the liver, heart checkup and cancer screening. Even after these tests are performed, this surgery involves risks and complications. These complications can be grave and hence the surgery is not performed on patients who are suffering from HIV infection, thrombosis, portal vein, any other kind of cancer to any part of the body, heart disease and many other.


If the tests are clear and the patient is considered fit for the surgery, the most vital process is to look for a compatible liver donor. Keeping in mind the complications finding the donor becomes the most important part. The surgery usually takes about six to ten hours with patient kept under general anesthesia. There are primarily three types of liver transplantation, Orthotopic, Hetrotopic and reduced size liver transplantation. Once the surgery is done, the patient has to be in observation to combat any risk that may arise due to this critical surgery.


Numerous doctors in India perform this surgery with Dr. A.S. Soin and Prof. Mohd. Rela being the idealist in the field. Dr A S Soin has been awarded the most prestigious Padmashri Award and therefore is the most sought after specialist. Other top doctors who are renowned for Liver Transplant in India are Dr. P. Balachandran Menon, Dr. Vinay Kumaran, Dr. Sanjay Singh Negi, Dr.Olith Selven and Dr. Subhash Gupta. They are available for liver transplant throughout the country at different centers.


The process of liver transplantation is a costly one; however there are government hospitals that do undertake surgeries at a relatively lower cost. Such surgeries are done under KEM Hospital and AIIMS in Mumbai and Delhi. As these are government hospitals such surgeries are not very popular as it is difficult to find the donor and are done if the donor is no more alive. (This is with an exception of The Institute for Liver and Biliary Sciences, an Institute of liver transplant in Delhi that also does living donor transplants). Liver Transplant in India cost comparatively less as opposed to other countries. The government hospitals are all the more cheap with cost from eight to ten lacs.

Liver Transplant in India cost ranges from 15 to 50 lacs, depending upon on the kind of institute/hospital. The price at some private centers is from 18 to 25 lacs. Other liver transplants in India are done in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad.


India is one of the chosen centers for patients from all over world because of highly skilled specialists, good infrastructure cutting edge technology. The liver transplant in India cost remains on top in the list for making it as the most preferred destination.