Most Moderate Estimated Cost of Liver Transplant Surgery in India

23 Sep 2015

As we all know that the Liver is known as the solid part of the body, which performs a variety of functions. When any of its functioning is disabled, then it will affect the number of organs attached to it. In such a case, there is only one solution which we call as “Liver Trans...

What is Bone Marrow Transplant ?

26 Sep 2015

Bone Marrow Transplant is that process in which damaged or dead stem cells are replaced with the healthy stem cells within the body of the patient after the completion of chemotherapy and emission. Bone marrow is that spongy and fatty material which is found inside the bones containing three categories of stem cells known as Red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets.

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Get The Best Bone Marrow Transplant In India

21 Sep 2015

When the live bone marrow cells for the same or different individual is replaced with the dead cells of the bone marrow, this procedure is known as the bone marrow transplantation. There are various reasons that may lead to having this surgery. In the bone marrow different types, blood cells are produced. It is a sponge type substance, which is present in the centre of the bone. In order, to produce different cell the stem cells develop in the bone marrow.


Liver Transplant in India Now Seems Very Easy

25 Sep 2015

Liver is the important organ of human body but a liver disease, is not talked about a lot in societies of today very often. It is quite killer with many symptoms. When the liver is no longer able to function properly, it is a condition referred to as a liver failure.

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When The Use Of Swap Transplantation Is To Be Made?

08 Sep 2015

The functionality with which a body works is determined by the way in which the major organs of the body are performing. The poor diet and working habits of people have caused a huge degradation in the health of people of today and this has made the use of professional medical institutes even more important that expertise in treatment of organs. Most of the organ diseases can be treated with medicines or in some cases through surgeries but if the organ stops to...

When To Go For Gall Bladder Stone Surgery?

22 Sep 2015

 There are many diseases for which surgery becomes important. Stones in gall bladder often need an operational procedure for proper treatment. Stones are very common in kidney and gall bladder and if proper diagnose is not done at an early stage...

Liver Transplant in India and Cost

24 Sep 2015


Liver Transplant is the process of transplanting or we can say that it is the process of changing the diseased liver with the perfect working liver. Liver is replaced with the liver o...

An Overview on Bone Marrow and Liver Transplantations

25 Sep 2015

Bone marrow transplant generally refers to the process of getting a damaged bone marrow replaced with a healthy bone marrow. This process is also known as the haemopoietic stem cell transplant. The hollow centers of some of the bones contain a tissue, a little spongy in nature known as the bone marrow. This consists of the stem that produces the blood cells of our body.

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