• Jul 31, 2018

Bitter Truth About Cadaveric Liver Transplant in India

The slow rate of cadaveric liver transplant in India has stretched the waiting time for an organ transplant to the level where it becomes very difficult for the patients to survive. Presently, six months is the minimum waiting time for a liver but the wait could be longer due to unavailability of donors.

According to theOrgan Retrieval Banking Organization, India needs 15-20 thousand livers for transplantation every year but only 500 are managed from cadaveric donors. It isn’t that there are no cadaveric donors but there is a lack of education among families of donors. Here over 70% of all accident victims are brought to hospitals in brain dead condition but their families turn a deaf year to organ donation request

Cadaver donor liver transplant is a convenient way to get organs but the patients have limited time to wait. In this situation, they can take help from live donors. A person in close relation to a patient can become a live donor for the patient. There are some technical issues involved in getting liver from a live donor but they can be overcome by communicating with authorities. A live donor can save the life of his relative.

If you are waiting for a liver donor then stop waiting and accept the organ from a close relative. We will make things simple and safer for you and the donor. We’ve rich experience in organ transplant and all the transplantations were successful. Our expertise lies in managing live donor and carrying out transplantation in a safe manner.

We are Transplant Counsellor and our job is to provide real help to patient and donor. We can help with cadaveric liver transplantation and also with live organ donation. Our multispecialty organ transplant center is equipped with the state-of-the-art medical technology to provide the best organ transplant service to both the recipient and the donor.