• Nov 21, 2018

The Success Rate of Kidney Transplantation Surgery in India

Kidney Transplant in India is the ultimate cure for Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and kidney failure. When the organ stops functioning, there are only two options dialysis and transplantation. Kidney Transplantation in India can bring the patient back to the normal life permanently, and it is the best way to get rid of the CKD. It is so because the success rate of Kidney Transplantation Surgery in India is also high.

The Success Rate

Transplantations in our country from a deceased donor have 85 to 90 percent success rate for the first year. It translates into that either the body rejects new organ in first year, or it accepts, and in 85 to 90 percent cases, the patient can successfully lead his life without any complication. The success rate in the case of a live donor is high with 90 to 95 percent. It means almost all the patents can live a healthy life after receiving the kidney from a live donor. Overall, the Kidney Transplantation Surgery in India is successful in long-term for people of all ages.

Trained and Experienced Surgeons in India

However, it is made possible with the help of expert surgeons who are internationally trained to handle the complicated Kidney Transplant in India. Such a higher success rate is ensured with the high-end technology and treatment methods such as modern immunosuppressants agents, modern protocols, induction agents, and very refined surgical techniques.

Why Come to India

India is the preferred destination for Kidney Transplantation Surgery because of the affordability in the treatment along with the higher success rate. People from all around the world come to India to get the affordable and successful Kidney Transplantation Surgery done.