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t1 My Transplant Journey - Its being one year i got my liver transplanted and after that i came to know what life is. I was facing from many problems including ascitis and numerous related to liver and doctors recommended me for liver transplant. I am basically from Jalandhar but we went to Delhi for getting liver from cadaver donor. My health was deteriorating day by day and we were really not having any idea about how to get liver. Then we met Mr. Yogesh Raj as a liver transplant counsellor in Delhi and he guided us about everything what to do and how to manage everything. He got me registered in various hospitals who conduct this transplant in different states and he himself went their to check all registrations and told them personally about my condition. He really supported us alot and took whole responsibility on his shoulders to cure me. He even stayed with us in Coimbatore for settling us there and then called us one day that call came from Bangalore Manipal hospital for they got cadaver donor for me. Then we went there and i got my liver transplanted. After that all went good and here i am perfectly fine and happy. This all had became possible with Mr. Yogesh Raj support and efforts. Thanq sir for everything u did for me. Regards Jaspreet...

t2 Mr.Sandeep Gautam from Delhi underwent cadaver kidney transplant successfully with the cadaver organ coordinattion of Transplant Counsellor.

t3 Mr Manjit Singh from Allahabad UP underwent living donor kidney transplantation. His mother has donated one of her kidney to him. We wish him for good health.