Hair Transplant In India

23 Sep 2014

Loosing hair is next to lose hope. Now a days loosing hair has become a common problem for all, and preventing them from falling in this busy and workaholic scheduled life is a bit difficult. As a result, many suffer from less hair or baldness due to the overusage of new hair products being released these days. Aging is also one of the main reasons for hair loss.

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Hair Transplantation Coordinator in India

30 Oct 2014

Around 60% of people facing hair fall problems at the age of 30's even earlier than that. Both men and women suffering from the same problems like hair fall and baldness, but the reason behind this may be different. Generally most popular reason for hair fall is genetic. The alternative name of hair fall is alopecia or androgenic alopecia. If you already have any person in your family like your parents facing same problems, so it can happens to you too. Ano...

Hair Loss Treatment in India

20 Jan 2015


Does your hair loss make you look much more years old than your real age? It is possible that the reason behind your bad looks is your frequent hair loss. It is becoming a very common reason of stress now a days when people are much more conscious about their lo...

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