Pancreatic Surgery – Cost, Transplant, Centers in Delhi-NCR, India
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PANCREATIC SURGERY: Functions of pancreas:

  • Secretes enzymes, the digestive juices which break down and absorbs nutrients from the food.
  • Produces the hormones which are released in to the blood stream and are responsible for metabolism of sugars in the blood stream.

The procedure is commonly performed for the tumors of the pancreatic head. It involves removal of the part of the stomach , the whole of the duodenum ,part of the small intestine ,the pancreatic head ,parts of the bile duct and the gallbladder, not touching the major blood vessels.

    This operation is occasionally performed for the patients with blockage of the bile duct or duodenum caused by pancreatic tumors that cannot be removed.
    The drainage procedure is performed for the patients with collections of inflammatory fluid around the pancreas.

Types of pancreatic transplant:

  • Only Pancreatic transplant
  • Simultaneous pancreas – kidney transplant.
  • Pancreas after kidney transplant.

It involves the implantation of a healthy pancreas into a person who has severe diabetes due to malfunction of the pancreas.
In this procedure, the new organ is implanted in a different location and the original pancreas is kept in its original place. The donated pancreas is positioned in the front part of the abdomen and is also connected to the lower abdominal blood vessels.
The duodenum which has been donated is attached to either the recipient’s intestine or bladder so that pancreatic secretions can drain.
The pancreas of the patient who has just died is placed as the donor pancreas and is responsible for production of all the healthy insulin.
In majority of the cases pancreatic transplant is performed in patients with type 1 insulin dependent diabetes with end stage renal failure.


The prognosis after pancreas transplantation is very good. One year after transplantation more than 95 percent of all patients are still alive and 80- 85 percent of all pancreases are still functional.

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